LORD$OFDOGTOWN are back with a new freestyle video

SoCal group LORD$OFDOGTOWN have begun to grab a great deal of acclaim from underground rap bloggers and critics alike, and their new “RE$ALE FREE$TYLE” is the first video the group has unloaded thus far. Each member of the group spit their own verses in their particular uniques styles and each of them is enjoyable to me for different reasons.

The video started with a much more raucous 808 driven instrumental, but towards the end, there was a decisive switch up to highlight Dkai, the most melodic member of the group and feature a bubbly and light verse from him over a much more gentle beat than the former that his counterparts rapped over. These guys are quickly turning into my favorite rap group and have all of the potential in the world to blow up.

Watch the “RE$ALE FREE$TYLE” video here:

Source: Elevator

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