Feltonville Philly Native WYO Chi reveals new visuals

WYO Chi is a young, rising artist who dawns from a star-studded neighborhood and has just unveiled new visuals to “Drip Sauce”. The track is produced by Liiquit and the video is executed by imsodigital and CREA FAMA INC. The 15 year old attended the same middle school as Lil Uzi Vert and Tierra Whack and he is certainly on path to make his own mark in the city at a much younger city. Chi is one of the youngest from Philly doing it at the moment along with Matt Ox and Bouba Savage, each with their own diverse sound. Chi has been rapping for almost two years so considering he’s been flowing then he has a great sense of confidence on the instrumental and the video.

Chi takes on his conventional, melodic flow on the exciting beat with consistent, upbeat rhythms which enables him to switch his flow up and harmonize. The video work is very slick as Chi is adhering to the title of the track with designer clothing and flashy jewelry along with exotic cars. Chi knows how to make catchy songs and has the attention of almost all of the known Philly artists so his future is in good hands and limitless.

Enjoy “Drip Sauce” below.

Source: Elevator

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