Sidney Celeste – Performante

Check out this new record from Sidney Celeste titled “Performante.” Here is what Sidney had to say about the track.

This project took over 3 years to make and was created in a studio apartment and a car. Some records were recorded with the kaotica eyeball inside of a vehicle. A few of the joints on Realm Of Artists CA were old songs that were shelved due to a quality issue that was later ironed out. This whole thing just happened one day as I decided to move to California from Louisiana to pursue a better life and to explore the world. I manage to score a small studio apartment with only a blow-up mattress, tv, laptop, video game system and $1000 to my name which gotten eaten away by bills and other living expenses. My father would send me money for food and help with the rent at the time until I found a job in my area. The money he uses to send me for food would go towards sausage, bread and other cheap meals in which I used to save up to buy myself a condenser microphone and other recording equipment to pursue music. That’s when my journey as an artist officially began. – Sidney Celeste

Source: Elevator

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