Utah Native, Vinniecassius Delivers His Aggressive New Single

Don’t sleep on Utah. I know, normally, that would sound crazy considering the demographic that we perceive them to have, but don’t sleep on Utah. In addition to a couple of producers beginning to make noise from the region, transplant rapper Vinniecassius has too been carving his own lane—and he continues this with his new single, “Ransom”.

Produced by 4K, it’s almost an immediate revelation that this might be the best production Vinnie has rapped on to date, or that at least I’ve heard. Ditching the normal tricks that have been showing up in production, making it sound stale and standard issued, 4K instead opts for a melodically unpredictable beat with incredibly infectious drum patterns to lace Vinnie.

Not to be outdone, Vinnie spends the song proving over and over again why he’s worthy of this caliber of production, sounding polished and more confident than ever. With the high-energy being displayed by both producer and artist, I’d be very interested to see where the video for this one would go, creatively.

Listen to, “Ransom” below and eagerly get hip to Vinniecassius.

Source: Elevator

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