Nous stands out with “She Knows”

Nous is thrilled to announce the release of his latest song She Knows now available on all streaming platforms. In this track the artist displays a more R&B, Trapsoul flow when compared to his previous tracks. Though the artist has demonstrated promising versatility, this latest drop seals any doubts previously raised.

“She Knows” is the fourth track from Nous and a single from his upcoming EP. In this track Nous brings a club banger/radio hit, focused on his experience with a girl in his life whom he never got closure with, recalling all the previous fun experiences they had. The track features multiple flow changes and an incredible production Grammy-winning engineer Gary Bannister.

Nous has been rising in numbers for the past 6 months since the release of his first official track Potions in August. Since then with 4 released tracks the artist has amassed over 200,000 streams, independently without playlist placements.

Nous is a young, versatile R&B/Hip-Hop artist on a mission. He is an extremely hard working individual with one goal in mind which is for people to listen to his music, connect to it and feel to it. With a wide range of flows, vocals and even genres, this artist displays what it takes to succeed in such a competitive industry. With a track like She Knows which will have you jamming and possibly in your feelings, you will surely fall in love with this artists sound!


Source: Elevator

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