Aris Ray Makes A Return With Two New Tracks

After a hiatus, Aris Ray makes a return with two new tracks “Grunge Freestyle” and “Checks” featuring G Rhodz.  “Grunge Freestyle” is a mellow, concentrated freestyle where he lays down metaphors over a Ben Great beat that has an old-school vibe and a nice swing. He opens up his verse rapping “I’ve been seeing dead guys and I ain’t getting sleep up on these red eyes” before laying into his doubters with lyrics asking “What it feel like to see a nigga that you really tried to shit do what you dream?”. Ari’s is self-assured and confident in his skills.

On the second track, “Checks” he flows over a faster paced, more energetic instrumental staying in the pocket as he glides over a funky instrumental sounding like an entirely different artist as he lays down witty lines like “Damn I feel like Bishop cause I got the juice”. He keeps things interesting altering the tone of his voice at particular points. On the two tracks Aris shows his ability to adapt to two vastly different beats and perform well on both.

Listen to “Checks” and “Grunge Freestyle” below

Source: Elevator

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