THE YOD impressed us with “Sober”

Athens hip-hop collective The YOD is a family, spiritually and musically.

Pack mentality is a huge thing [for us], member Trevor “Trvy” Wiggins says. People always want to find people that think the way they do, but [are] different enough that they challenge them. I think artistry works like that for us.

Many of the groups members even live together. Its a family, and I mean that literally because we’re sleeping together under the same roof, we eat the same food, we break bread, says Garrett. When we eat, we all eat. We try to do everything together. Not everyone in the group came up the same way. Not everyone is going to have one thing that somebody else might have. We really try to do our best to share.â

The groups home base, playfully dubbed Murder House after the haunted domicile in season one of American Horror Story, is a hub for many local musicians. Its also host to a 24-hour studio, where, at any given time, someone might be found laying down tracks.

Source: Elevator

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