Lil Skies shares a tender, smoldering new track

Just over two weeks ago, Lil Skies hit us with a track called “Real Ties.” Now, he’s released another piece, and, as his new album is purported to come out next month (he proclaimed as such in a recent tweet), we’re expecting more and more music to roll in.

“Name in the Sand” is the name of Skies’ new single, and, quite in contrast to his last, it’s slow-burning and tender to the bone. He calls it “a love story,” and, sonically and lyrically, that’s fitting. You won’t find party vibes with this one, but more of a vulnerable tone that’ll win him deeper connections with his fans.

Listen to the track—and watch its video—below, and, as suggested, keep an eye out for more material. We wouldn’t be surprised if there’s another single (or two) to come.

Source: Elevator

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